History proves that the greatest species, empires and companies, don’t last forever.

  • The average life of a Fortune 500 company has collapsed from 75 to 15 years. By 2025, research suggests, it could be down to 12.
  • Billion dollar businesses are built in two years.
  • Some of today's industry leaders will be unexpectedly flanked and collapse just as quickly.
  • Survivors prove to be most adaptable; the very best at coping while exploiting new conditions.
Big and powerful with deep legacy roots, increasingly means too slow and vulnerable. Darwinian market forces have turned up the heat.

Is your business Purposeful, Coherent and Responsive enough?

Ignite Next-Generation Business Performance today.

Average Lifespan of Fortune 500 company in 1937
Average Lifespan of Fortune 500 company TODAY
... of Strategic Plans
are Never Realised
... of Business Transformation Initiatives

Why Us?

Before 2025, natural evolution will over-power any remnants of 20th century business models.

Friction-eliminating, hyper connected, new-business-model-enabling forces are reshaping the millennial-generational world to pivot on digital-everything. A perfect storm of technologies and new behaviours is gathering across every industry and encircling every business. Tomorrow's market leaders are quietly preparing to exploit the power of disruption, while many of today's incumbents won't comprehend their exposure until the 'defence by cost-cutting' death-spiral begins.

Over the next month, year and decade; evolutionary commercial pressures will relentlessly accelerate. Today, every brand faces mounting survival risk; while new opportunities for the most purposeful, coherent, responsive and agile expand by the day.

We're not production-line consultants who love a fat Powerpoint deck and then leave you to the thorny, long-haul reality. We bring decades of cross-functional, deep-dive experience to help you create new Balance Sheet value and P&L performance.

  • I was fortunate enough to work with Ian on a number of new Product developments. Most notable was the design and delivery of a virtual ISP multi media service for a number of major football clubs. Ian’s drive and enthusiasm for getting the job done despite severe time pressure made working with him a pleasure. Moreover, his diverse knowledge of a number of business sectors and disciplines from Marketing through IT to Finance allows him to make a significant contribution to any company

    Pete BowersCIO, Easynet
  • Ian has knowledge, experience, expertise and considered opinion – in essence unmistakable gravitas. He can see through to the heart of the challenge or opportunity and immediately bring option and alternative to the table based on his breadth of experience and creative approach. He has a passion for what he does and takes personal pride in delivering against his commitments, whatever the hurdle, circumstance or challenge.

    David WardellCEO, Evoke Telecom
  • The breadth and depth of experience across telecoms enables Ian to provide clear, insightful and pragmatic recommendations on how to improve a business competitive offers into market. He has an exceptional passion for driving change through a collaborative and forward thinking style.

    Scott EiversGartner
  • Ian can consult at both micro and macro levels within an organisation; making sense of an organisation’s operational weaknesses and driving recommendations that offer real value to the ‘customer experience’. Not only does he possess significant knowledge of IT systems, he uses this to great effect when presenting new approaches to the re-engineering of organisational processes. 

    James HoneAdapt Intenet
  • Ian has a wide range and detailed knowledge of all aspects of business from management to delivery and operations through to marketing, product and beyond. He also has an impressive understanding of technology in the telecommunications industry to a technical level and understands process management and how changes impact various parts of a business.

    Nathan WelshVodafone
  • Ian proved a pivotal team member across technology and commercial disciplines, frequently contributing to solutions and moving them to conclusion, often against challenging deadlines. I recommend Ian’s combination of strategic and tactical abilities, wrapped with huge dedication to deliver the required outcomes.

    Bruce SteinbergPartner at WPSChallenger Private Equity

What We Do

We have a passion for realising practical transformation that delivers exceptional, next-generation business performance. We help you,

  • Discover and redefine a purposeful, market-led, road-map to the hyper-competitive, digital future of your industry
  • Confront the coherence challenges at the intersection of culture, process, organisational design, human behaviour, technology and metrics
  • Make It Real. Bridge the chasm between change-intent and execution reality.

More What… How?…
23.9% of
European Employees
are Engaged & Committed
40.4% of
North American Employees
are Engaged & Committed
43.1% of
South American Employees
are Engaged & Committed
23.4% of
Asian Employees
are Engaged & Committed

More about What We Do

Reorientate your Ways Of Working

We work with start-Ups, SMEs, corporates and enterprises. We devise, orchestrate, and measure organizational performance at the enterprise, business unit, department, or team level. Then, we roll up our sleeves and co-create practical transformation through the work itself. Unlike conventional consultancies, we won't take a brief and then disappear before returning with a slick Powerpoint deck.  We much prefer hands-on, get-stuff-done action, working as embedded members of your team.

We'll help you drive the business evolution, with new ways of working around better customer outcomes. Concurrently, we can work with leadership to define and develop the new skills, processes and technologies to enable, measure and accelerate more coherent and performant ways of working. Our team will partner and coach throughout, measuring the impact and refining the plan in real-time.

Change The Work Itself

We confront coherence challenges at the intersection of culture, organisational design, human behaviour, process and technology.  It's easy to become so consumed with the treadmill of 'Daily Important P&L Stuff', that the 'The Stuff that Ultimately Makes a Difference' gets lost.  With a storm of digital revolution enveloping every industry, the tactical P&L myopia risks quietly fatal mistakes that are not apparent until it's too late. Think Kodak, Blockbuster, Nokia...

DRIVE STRATEGIC BALANCE SHEET VALUE: Build your pro-active 'Tomorrow Engine'

  • Purposeful Strategy with a roadmap to your next generation business model
  • Structured and pro-active awareness of your increasingly complex future markets, the evolving audience and competition
  • Innovate; imagine new services, products and the commercial evolution to fuel tactical growth while tracking new market realities
  • Operating model evolution; Reshaping how you capture, package, engage and distribute value to your audience

TRANSFORM PLANS INTO CAPABILITIES:  Create new capabilities from your current business

  • ...and yet, this is where over 70% of strategic intent fails.
  • We know how to bridge the chasm between Tomorrow's-Plans and Today's-Operations to deliver impactful new capabilities and outcomes.

DELIVER TACTICAL P&L VALUE: Tune your 'Today Engine' for high-performance

  • Marketing & Sales;  Total alignment of proposition to market needs, delivered direct and indirect, with the perfect mix of off-line and digital
  • Delighted customers at lower cost; Post-sale product and service delivery across the customer lifecycle, fit for a digital dominance millennium
  • Align the entire 'Today' and 'Tomorrow' machine with totally coherent metrics, underpinned by Big Data.



Great talent thrives when empowered by Purposeful Context and Values, then enabled by ‘just-right’ Governance. Step beyond one-dimensional, search and selection, based around box-ticking, pigeon-holed Capabilities. Extend your Talent management into fresh dimensions of brilliant talent density by exploring and continuously measuring 4Cs. Capabilities, Commitment, Cultural-fit and Collaboration.


IT but not as most know it. Fusion of Cloud, Apps, Big Data, Data Visualisation and more. Friction-free Collaboration, Insight, Knowledge & Tools. Loosely-Coupled yet Tightly-Aligned to Purpose. Next Generation Business Performance relies on a fusion of next generation IT which sidelines closed 20th century IT thinking and exploits best-in-class 21st century innovation. Evolve, or even revolutionise, IT that engages and enable your internal team and customers. Unleash your true business potential with best-in-class technology, to deliver extraordinarily impactful outcomes better, faster and more cost-effectively than you ever imagined. Darwinian principles reach infinitely beyond biology. Accelerate business evolution.


We’ll help you pinpoint what’s holding your business back and decide how to solve. Too often, tactical pressures and silo-think is deeply entrenched within Today’s Revenue Engine of Marketing, Sales and Operations; consuming all available energy; while the Tomorrow Engine of deliberate market insights, multi-dimensional innovation, brand evolution and sustainably leading value proposition, take second place.

We help you redefine purpose, culture and values: to prime a continuous innovation pipeline: to find new engagement within your target markets, accelerating today’s P&L and fuelling long-term success.


Ideas are worth nothing until executed. They are just the multiplier.
Only execution delivers value.

Transform Tomorrow’s innovation Engine and story into real new capabilities. Go to market with a more valuable proposition and commercial model with thoroughly joined-up Marketing, Sales and Delivery execution. We help you exploit bi-modal, adding proven ‘Agile’ techniques to conventional operations to deliver greater revenues, lower costs and increased bottom line performance.

Industries?… Let’s Talk?…


Since these industries are evolving faster than many others, they're where we invest most time...

  • Telecoms
  • Media
  • Technology
  • Banking & Finance

We have also worked across a wide variety of other industries.

Let’s Talk…
23.9% of
European Employees
are Engaged & Committed
40.4% of
North American Employees
are Engaged & Committed
43.1% of
South American Employees
are Engaged & Committed
23.4% of
Asian Employees
are Engaged & Committed


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